This is a live demo of the Sector Drupal distribution

This demo is showcasing Sector D7 built on Drupal 7 (an older version). Visit the new Sector D8 demo or visit for more information.

This is a 'View page'. All elements of this page are managed via the view.

For example this text is added via a "Global view field using unfiltered text.

News content sample

Article type marker
Issue date: 
Thu 1 Sep 2016

The News Content type is an example for taxonomy (or data) driven content. Taxonomy driven content is content organised by sort and filter criteria.

News content sample with a long descriptive title

Article type marker
Issue date: 
Mon 1 Aug 2016

Regular news keeps your site alive. Most website content strategies emphasise the need to publish news and updates regularly and to share new content across all channels.